E-Commerce Fulfillment & Pick and Pack

The e-commerce market has grown at an astonishing rate in recent years. More and more retail sales are taking place online, with consumers happy to purchase everything from clothing and electrical goods to perishable items like food over the internet. Businesses and carriers need to have efficient and scalable systems in place to cope with this increasing demand.

Whether you are a small business emerging from the back bedroom or an established online retailer, let us reduce your supply chain stress. We offer a full pick-and-pack operation to e-retailers, freeing them from time-consuming daily operations. We enable our customers growth with end-to-end order fulfilment, providing seamless customer experiences. We can provide returns processing, Co-packing or kitting, personalisation, gift wrapping as
well as a white glove service.

Our e-commerce fulfilment services

Here at Niblock we offer an incredibly meticulous e-commerce fulfilment service. Our thorough pick and pack service means your e-commerce orders will be fulfilled in an accurate and timely manner. We understand that order fulfilment services have little room for error, so we ensure your customer’s orders get to the right place at the right time! Free up more time to focus on expanding your business and running it effectively by letting us take
care of the fulfilment side of things.

Speak to our friendly team about us becoming an e-commerce fulfilment partner by calling 01293 773130.

Secure warehousing

Your inventory is safe with us. Our warehouse facilities and fulfilment centre utilise state-of-the-art security systems to protect your products. Controlled access, surveillance cameras, and alarmed emergency exits help prevent unauthorised access and theft. Only authorised personnel have access to storage areas.

We have warehouses with large yards big enough to load, unload and turn around the
biggest container lorries making us an ideal global logistics partner. We also take precautions to shield your inventory from damage and loss. You can trust us to securely store your inventory until it ships out to your eager customers.

Accurate order fulfilment

Accuracy is essential in ecommerce order fulfilment. Our advanced e-commerce fulfilment software integrates with your sales channels and inventory management system. When an order comes in, our system automatically generates all the necessary details to fulfil the order accurately. We utilise barcode scanners during the pick and pack process to ensure each item matches to the order.

Our large warehouse space is systematically organised so that pickers can efficiently locate inventory. Items are stored by product type, popularity, and other attributes that facilitate fast and accurate order picking. Real-time inventory tracking through our software prevents errors caused by picking out-of-stock items. Our goal is to ship each customer order with 100% accuracy every time.

You can trust us to get your customers orders right. Rest assured, we take the time to ensure orders are correct to reduce customer service queries. Which in turn, means your time can be better spent in other areas of your business. Niblock is highly rated for our meticulous, good-quality level of service.

Stock control and inventory management

Stock controlling is the way we track goods quantities within a business so we know when to order more and when and why items are low. You can also track the condition and status of items. This is very handy if you've had many e-commerce orders of a product, it will alert you that you need to order more when the stock gets to a certain low level. Inventory management is managing the demand of stock, ordering and managing stock. These are all
vital for an e-commerce business to run smoothly and ensure you always have enough of a product to meet demand. Therefore not losing any potential money due to items being out of stock.

Stay ahead of the game with our stock control and inventory management services here at Niblock. Call us on 01293 773130 today.

Reliable logistics

We have a highly experienced team of logistics experts here at Niblock. We offer a full logistics service from the complete running of day-to-day operations to something as simple as some guidance and advice. We can offer full project management services to help with all your e-commerce logistics tasks as well as a review of your current methods and supply chain networks to assist with improvements. This in turn can provide more efficient methods
of logistics, improving customer satisfaction and saving your business money.

Scale your business

Scaling your business means to strategise how to increase sales and profits and perhaps decrease company spending and outlay costs. It’s working out where to invest your money to increase profits. Sometimes that is increasing the amount of staff you have, or sometimes that is training the staff you have to be able to offer more services.

We can work with you and your business to see how best to scale up your business and get the most out of it. We
will create a realistic plan of how to reach goals with you. We can look at your spending on packaging products and shipping and try and ensure you have the most cost-effective solutions. Don’t delay – get in touch with Niblock today.

Improve cost-effectiveness

Similarly to scaling up your business, we can work with you to improve cost-effectiveness within your business. This may be streamlining your processes, or cutting out the middle man. We can look at e-commerce shipping costs and ensure you are using the most cost-effective processes there is to offer. We will get to know how your business works and look at ways of cutting back, in turn increasing profits and minimising unnecessary spending.

We offer a complete project management service and are experts in our field for e-commerce logistics. Get in touch today.


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How to choose the right fulfilment partner

Choosing the right fulfilment partner will have a knock-on effect on company spending and reputation. Of course, when making any business decision cost is important. At Niblock, we offer very competitive rates with a non-comparable and efficient service. You want to choose a company that know the industry and can offer a quick service that is also reliable and accurate. If you choose a company that rushes through but aren’t accurate you will spend
more time and money on customer returns and refunds. This will have a negative effect on customer experience and an increase of customer service queries. Ensure you choose a company with a good reputation, we can help you with all your fulfilment needs.

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