Logistics Management & Consultancy

Niblock Logostics have a highly experienced team of Consultants with Operational backgrounds from UK and International Distribution to retail operations.

We offer full strategic management and day to day running of operations to just simple help and advice. We have also provided full Project management services to our clients as well as comprehensive review and analysis of supply chain networks to assist with improvement measures.

We understand the importance of efficient supply chains and the knock on effects it has on operational costs, customer satisfaction, reputation and profitability.

As you consider whether consultancy might be right for your business, it is likely that you will be concerned about the risk of not getting enough return on your investment.

As you probably know, all too often consultancy fails to make a lasting impact. We strive to meet this challenge head on. When we work together with you, our whole approach is focused not just on getting you results, but getting lasting results that are measurable. We are confident that we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Experience

Over the years, we have helped organisations of all sizes improve efficiencies, reduce costs significantly and most importantly, get better at doing the right things and best practices.

Cost Control & Management

In today’s climate, it is critical to control costs and ensure expenditure is finely balanced between operational requirements and quality of service.  To achieve this it is important to understand the difference between cost and budget management.

Cost management is the process of continually looking for smarter and more efficient ways of doing business, whilst budget management is more about not over-spending. One of the typical problems with budget management is that it is generally constructed in isolation – often failing to see the relationships with other departments.

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